My World of Stories by Cecilia Esther Abigail Shodike



My world of stories by Cecilia Esther Abigail Shodike


A collection of stories……………… PART ONE: Early stories written by Cecilia Esther Abigail Shodike between 2013 and 2015 comprising mainly very short stories with a wide variety of subjects and themes. The young Writer uses a distinctive style to keep the reader’s interest in the rich range of stories, which compensates for brevity in some of them. PART TWO: In the second part of the book, Esther introduces the reader to her collection of new stories. She is seen to have mastered the asset of story telling and becomes more ambitious and better skilled at developing her plots. There’s little doubt of her potential as a Writer and this book indicates a promising future for this young Writer f rom Sierra Leone.





Of this personal Memoire, the author says: When I was young and living with my grandmother as a boy and young man, my grandmother as she grew older,  had a sharp mind and could still remember her time as a girl,  young woman and then as a married woman.  She was fond of telling us stories of her parents, eleven siblings, and particularly about her grandpa Adjai and grandmother Asano. Of course, my siblings and I did not take her seriously and thought it was the ramblings of an old woman. It was not until later that I came to realise that the grandpa Adjai and grandma Asano she used to talk so fondly about were Bishop Samuel Adjai Crowther, the first black bishop in the Anglican communion and his wife Asano. So, using the experience I had gained in my long life as a journalist, I have written this personal memoire of my great great grandfather with whom I am six degrees of separation through my grandmother


REFLECTIONS ON MY LIFE by Arnold Awoonor Gordon (Author), Winston Forde (Editor)

For several years, Arnold’s friends have been urging him to write his memoirs. He resisted in the past, as he did not think his life was that interesting, or that people would want to read about it. But, having put pressure on others to write about their lives, Arnold decided that after attaining age eighty he should do so too. This is that story providing Reflections on various aspects of his colourful life without the aid of diaries. He hopes the reader will have an enjoyable read and would comment afterwards in Amazon Reviews and otherwise.



MILO AND ALL THAT JAZZ | The Golden Era Of Salone Music – by Kitty Fadlu-Deen

Milo And All That Jazz is the most recent work of Dr. Kitty Fadlu-Deen, published by SONDIATA GLOBAL MEDIA. Dr. Fadlu Deen was born in Singapore and is a graduate of the University College Dublin and the University of York. She has worked as a music educator in Sierra Leone where she lives with her husband. She therefore, has a firsthand appreciation of the international music scene.

As a music professional from South East Asia, the vastness and depth of musical offerings in her adopted country was an inspirational discovery for Dr. Fadlu-Deen. Part of the expression of this inspiration is her co-founding of the Ballanta Academy of Music, Freetown in 1995. 

Milo And All That Jazz attempts to explore the history and creative breadth and depth of Sierra Leonean music from the 1960s to the 1990s. Considering the vast choice of bands and artists during that period, this is no mean feat. Aminatta Forna, a renowned Sierra Leonean author, says “…Dr. Fadlu-Deen has commemorated Pino and all the most talented of Sierra Leone’s astonishing array of musicians over three decades in a fascinating story that has been meticulously researched and elegantly written… Sierra Leone boasts a powerful voice that moves to its own distinctive beat.”

The book takes the reader on a journey steeped in Sierra Leonean culture expressed through her distinctive music, providing the reader with an appreciation of its evolution and growth over three memorable decades.

This is a definite must-read for music lovers the world over. It is a book that connects the development of Sierra Leonean cultural music and its sources of inspiration from the African Continent and beyond. Above all, it recognises the influence and inspiration with which Sierra Leonean music continues to touch the world.