My World of Stories by Cecilia Esther Abigail Shodike



My world of stories by Cecilia Esther Abigail Shodike


A collection of stories……………… PART ONE: Early stories written by Cecilia Esther Abigail Shodike between 2013 and 2015 comprising mainly very short stories with a wide variety of subjects and themes. The young Writer uses a distinctive style to keep the reader’s interest in the rich range of stories, which compensates for brevity in some of them. PART TWO: In the second part of the book, Esther introduces the reader to her collection of new stories. She is seen to have mastered the asset of story telling and becomes more ambitious and better skilled at developing her plots. There’s little doubt of her potential as a Writer and this book indicates a promising future for this young Writer f rom Sierra Leone.