In “Foulah Tong 1960 and beyond…” the Author discusses the complex nature of that Community and traces those Family ties and Religious practices that underpinned the attitude and achievements of Foulah Tonians through three distinct Generations. He takes the Reader through memorable National events starting from Independence in 1961, the Rebel War of 1991 to 2002 including the outbreak of the Ebola Plague in 2014. Throughout, top Foulah Tong Academics, Civil Servants, Contractors, Diplomats, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Legal Practitioners, Military Officers, Medical Personnel, Pharmacists, Politicians, and Scientists have contributed fully to Nation building. However, the momentum of the Cultural and Educational well-being of Foulah Tong appears to be on the wane and raises the question whether this is in fact a Foulah Tong problem, or one affecting every facet of Sierra Leone. Do the Foulah Tong people have youths in their midst that are qualified and ready to perform the roles played by their forefathers? This book is an attempt by the Author not only to inform, inspire and entertain but also to bring these concerns in front of the political mirror for Foulah Tonians to take a good look at themselves and for the Government likewise to take a good look at their heritage and potential as future effective National contributors.