Standard Publishing Package – £250

Formatting Inner Galley for publishing
. Preparing Cover file for publishing. 
Producing Paperback (PoD). Producing e-book

Editorial Services

Data Entry – £2.00 per page:  To publish your book, we need to receive your manuscript as a word processing file.  If you only have a typewritten manuscript or scanned images of the manuscript, our Data Entry service would enable you to convert your work into a word processing file.

Author Alterations Service:  Making editorial, or content changes adds both time and money to the publication process.  We, therefore, encourage you to have your book professionally edited before submission.  If your book has not been professionally edited we recommend the following Sondiata services:

Interior Author Alterations – £20 (base fee) plus £150 per alteration.  Additional   rounds will incur another base fee plus £1.50 per new alteration.

Cover Author Alterations  – £20 per round of correction to your cover.

Copyediting Service.  If required, our editor will catch grammatical mistakes and spelling errors before your book goes to press.  You will retain full control of your work because you are free to accept or reject the changes that we suggest.  The Price of our Copyediting service is £0.012 per word, or a maximum of £240 per book.

 Cover Design Service

An eye-catching professionally designed cover is key to the saleability of your book.  It is the case that 90% of the time the cover of a book provides the initial attraction to the buyer or reader.

Our Sondiata design Team can help you create a unique cover design that will bring your book to life.

    Cover Design Service – £250 

 Getting  Published – If you are interested  in publishing with us, please send an email to or send a message to our contact box.

The Sondiata Publishing Timeline

Submission  –  Sondiata will review your order and contact you within two to three business days from the time you sign up.  Once we receive your complete materials please allow us up to five business days for us to review them to make sure they are ready for production.

Initial production  –   We start work as soon as possible after the initial review. The publishing process is unpredictable and is is driven by the author. We aim to complete the  book Interior and Cover formatting and design within ten business days from the time your book enters production but cant  predict an exact completion date. It will be completed as soon as possible.

Author review of proof  You will receive proofs of your book’s cover and interior for your review before we proceed with publication.  The faster you return the proof the faster your book will be completed.

Corrections  –  You may make any corrections you like to the galleys.  You will receive a second set of proofs to confirm these corrections.  This process takes roughly ten business days per set of corrections.

Author copy process  –  A printed bound Author Copy will be produced so that you can verify that your book its final format and is ready for sale.  This step generally takes two to three weeks.

General Notes

Manuscript formatting

- To facilitate the smooth flow of the submission and publishing process, please try to comply with the following formatting requirements for your manuscript:

  • Submit the text as a single word processing file preferably Microsoft Word.  If you use another word processor, please save your file in a Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  • Write the following summaries using your word ;processing programme and save them as a single file, separate from your main book file:

Author’s Cover Biography:  100 words max.  A short one paragraph description of yourself that will appear on the back cover of your book.

  • Author Biography: 2000 words max.  A longer description of yourself, or a message to your readers.  It will appear on the author biography page that readers view when they click within the Sondiata Website.
  • Dedication: 100 words max:  Will appear at the beginning of your book.
  • Book Summary: 100 words max.  A short one-paragraph description of your book that appears on the back cover of your book and with your book listing on the Sondiata Website.
  • Book Description: 4,000 words max.  A longer description of your book that appears on your books page on Amazon.
  • It is advisable to submit all files via email to [Provide an address]

Graphics Formatting
You may submit hard copy/ original images or digital images.   If you are submitting digital images, please read the following formatting requirements:

  • Images are saved as either TIFF or JPEG files.
  • To ensure quality reproduction all graphics and/or images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and be in actual size.
  • Save all image files as separate files.  Please do not embed or paste images in your manuscript.
  • Please indicate directly in your manuscript where the images should be placed. (e.g. text, text ,insert image1 here> text, text.)  Please make sure you use the right filename for easy reference.
  •  Aside from the interior images, you have the option to submit the following:
  • Cover Image – to be placed on the front cover of the book.
  • Cover Design – photo or illustration file for your book cover.

Author Image – to be placed on the back cover of the book (Passport size)

Our publishing package includes cover designs, paperbacks, ISBNs for kindle and paperback and submitting titles to the Agency for Legal deposit Libraries in the UK, which includes British library and the  Libraries of five  universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

We also provide bespoke consultancy services for marketing and organising book launches on request.



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  1. I am a Zimbabwean published author and I am stationed in Paris, France. I would like to reissue my novel and if possible, with you. Thank you in advance for letting me know if this is possible, and what the terms are.

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