Milo And All That Jazz by Kitty Fadlu Deen published on March 20th 2015

Women, Men and Country: An Anthology of African Poems by Khadi Mansaray published on November 3rd 2015



Formed in August 2013 and incorporated 2014. Sondiata is committed to improving education for girls and young women in Africa and its first project Books Not Babies was done in partnership with the Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund to help teenage mothers in Sierra Leone stay in education.  The profits of the book Women, Men & Country help to provide scholarships for young women and childcare for the young mothers.  We have made it possible for 22 teenage mothers return to school. www.pwoobayscholarshipawards.org

Nefertiti Reborn is a new breed woman, who juggles work and family. A global citizen, she is aware of world events and cares about their impact on Africa. She maintains strong links to her country of origin. She’s got great hair, an iPhone or iPad and she can cook a great african meal. She loves wearing ankara and casually teams it up with skinny jeans or a t-shirt and a pair of heels.

She is Afropolitan and she runs her world. She is ready to play her part on the world stage and inspire change. She is a leader and she is shaping Africa’s future.

The beautiful one has come again in the spirit of Nefertiti Reborn and she is here to stay.


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  1. ( Vandy Kamara, class of 82 – 87). My constant serach through social networking sites actually led me to this Huntingdon Sierra Leone Mission site. Someone please help!

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