WOMEN, MEN & COUNTRY | An Anthology Of African Poems – Compiled by Khadi Mansary, Foreword by Isha

The Golden Gloves of Heracles & Hercule’s Gauntlets by Jermaine Nnamdi Carew


When the Nightingale Sings(Collectionof Poems) by Nyamacoro Sarata Silla


SEEKING FREEDOM by Yema Lucilda Hunter

The Fascinating History of My Liberated Ancestors by Charles Harding


Foulah Tong 1960 and Beyond by Mohamed Leadi Cole

REFLECTIONS ON MY LIFE by Arnold Awoonor Gordon (Author), Winston Forde (Editor)
MILO AND ALL THAT JAZZ | The Golden Era Of Salone Music – by Kitty Fadlu-Deen
LAW JOURNAL by The General Legal Council of Sierra Leone