Welcome!  Thank you for wanting to publish your book with us.  We are proud to  part of revolutionary  independent publishers and our aim is to help you realise your dream whether it is to publish a memoir, a collection of short stories, or the greatest novel ever written in the history of the world!

Sondiata Global Media (Songlome) is a UK based social enterprise that helps the African diaspora tell their story. We publish for African writers and organisations. We are inclusive, and publish for anyone with African stories to tell as well as anyone with an authentic story.

Songlome was formed because of the need for Africans to tell their story. The African story historically has not been told by Africans and generally lacks an African perspective. African writers also face the challenge of getting publishing contracts from traditional publishing companies and when they do may have to make compromises they are not comfortable with. Songlome is committed to telling the African story the African way thus enabling Africans to own their narrative.

We promote  inclusion and diversity and due to popular demand we also publish for  individuals and organisations beyond of the  African continent that have authentic story.

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